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This is a remodel of the lot in Tartosa to make it feel more like a rocky, Italian beach made for lounging . 

I've added some rock outcroppings and a rock arch with some fencing underneath so that sims will follow the paths around the rocks to get where they're going. There are dressing rooms that have toilets so they also function as restrooms. With my 'Change Outfit with Mirror' mod installed these changing rooms are functional, allowing your sim to click on the mirror inside to change into their swimsuit! 

Note: There is an inaccessible basement that has the water items needed to make this lot qualify as a beach

Baia dell'amore Beach


A small cabin hidden at the edge of the forest that's perfect for more reclusive sims. There's a small fenced area for gardening and a shed with access to a large storage cellar. The cabin itself has two separate areas, one for living and one for resting. There is also a small firepit area where sims can relax with friends or cook up a hot, outdoor meal!

Forager's Cabin


This versatile property offers a unique combination of retail and living space. The ground floor boasts two spacious retail areas. The main section is dedicated to the Grocer, featuring wall-to-wall shelves and ample display surfaces. The other area provides abundant seating and cold food displays, perfect for setting up a grab-and-eat section for homemade meals or converting into additional retail space.

On the second floor, the entire space is designated for the owner's living quarters. A staircase leads directly to a generous kitchen, ideal for preparing ready-made foods for sale. The living area is exceptionally large, complemented by multiple bedrooms and a pair of bathrooms.

Note: Although it's not listed below, you will also need to download my 'Produce Stand Retail Fridge', 'Wood Pile Storage', and 'Crate & Barrel Retail Displays'.

Grove Country Grocer


A multi-building lot that's set up for your sims to party! You'll find a Tropical Bar, a Pub, a Jazz Club, and a Voodoo Shop ready to for your sims to visit. There are 6 more buildings that can be decorated and used for more bars or can even be used as living spaces with the right mods installed. You'll also find a beautiful hidden courtyard where your sims can relax and have a drink after a long day!

River Queen Court


A small, old vineyard that can be used to host your sim's wedding in Tartosa! Includes a small kitchen and dressing room for the soon-to-be married couple to prep for the big ceremony. There are several outdoor areas with wedding arches and reception areas along with an indoor area for smaller receptions.

Thebe Vineyard


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