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Leaves that have undergone a unique curing process, resulting in a variety of flavor profiles. Sims can grab a serving from the basket to use as an ingredient in recipes.

This ingredient can be purchased via my Brazen Delivery service. If you'd like to craft this you'll also need to install the Preserving Skill from the 'Optional' section.

If you have the Preserving Skill installed, this will add a new recipe for your sim to create an Tea Curing Rack. Once created, that rack can be cured and a basket of Cured Tea Leaves can be collected from it when it's ready. The type of tea you collect will depend on how long the rack has been curing.

Tea Curing


Tea Curing

raw food.png

Ingredient Type:

BG - Base Game




Preserving Lvl. 3

'Any' ingredients refer to EA or my custom ingredients only.

Custom ingredients that aren't installed are excluded from recipe.





Tea Leaves
Preserving Rack

✱ = EA ingredient type
⏰ = Ingredient will reduce the cooking time 

⟳ = Ingredient will be replaced by Prepped Ingredient

adzuki bean.png

Tea Leaves

cured gruyere.png

Preserving Rack

Works with Simple Living


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