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This mod gives books their proper covers when displayed on any Get To Work retail shelf/pedestal.
Some books didn't have matching display versions so I've fixed those as well. This also keeps displayed books from reverting to a flat position when you reload your game.

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Book Cover and Display Fixes




Only install the files that correspond to the packs you have installed. Please see my Reference page if you're unsure which files you should download.

The following is included in the download file:

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_BG

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_EP01

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_EP05

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_EP06

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_EP08

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_GP01

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_GP02

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_GP04

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_GP07

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_SP09

  • MOD-EA_brazenlotus_BookFixes_SP16

If you use Alistu’s Thin Book Fix it will conflict with this mod. To compensate I’ve added his tuning to this mod so those thin books will be held properly. All credit goes to him for those fixes.

See the individual tabs to the left for more information on what was edited and which resources were overidden.

I started this project when building one of my first lots, a large tudor style bookstore. 

I found that some of these books needed new displays made, some of them just needed to be linked up to the proper display, and everything else needed a fix to keep the books from reverting to their flat position when you re-load the lot.

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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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