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I originally made a version of this tea set as another object that worked like a drink tray. Then EA came out with a proper tea set in the Wedding Stories pack and I just HAD to remake mine to match. When the tea is poured this tray will give off a bit of steam. Tea recipes will be served in cups matching their respective tea set and tea can be served to others if you have Wedding Stories installed.

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Chinoiserie Tea Set




Basic Info:

Can be found in the catalog under Appliances > Kitchen Appliances.

You must have one of my custom tea recipes installed for this set to function - This tea set does not function on it's own!!!

Making Tea

To make tea with this tea set you'll need to have simoleons or ingredients. If you want to quickly brew a pot of tea and don't have ingredients you can choose the 'Steep Tea' option and pay to steep 6 cups of tea. To keep it balanced I've made the cost to steep tea equal to the cost of it's ingredients.

If you have ingredients in your sims inventory to make tea then you can choose the 'Steep Packaged Tea' option and make tea at no cost. If a tea option is greyed out it means that you don't have all the ingredients to make it in your sim's inventory. To find out what ingredients you need to make a specific tea recipe you can hover over that tea type in the menu and it will show you exactly what you need to make it.

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