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This is the foundation for all my harvestables. It has resources that are shared across multiple harvestables and it keeps them from becoming bloated with duplicate items. It also allows you to download all my other content in a modular fashion, giving you more control of the size of your downloads folder.

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Core Harvestables




Garden Effects

Most of my harvestables come with garden effects, meaning they have some additional quality about them that gives gardening in The Sims another layer of gameplay. For example; some plants can effect other plants nearby by reducing the need to water or weed them, and some plants will attract certain types of bugs that you can catch and put in a bottle. This mod gives them those qualities.

Custom Notebook Entries

This mod also allows sims to research my custom harvestables and then put that information in their notebook. This makes it easy to keep track of my custom harvestable seasons and any garden effects it has.

Custom Harvestables in Seed Packs

This mod also makes it so that you have a chance to get my custom harvestables when you open a seed pack. This makes them work seamlessly with what's already in-game. To keep it from being too cheaty I made it so that they rarity of harvestable scales with the type of seed pack. Basically you will get more uncommon and rare custom harvestables as you unlock the other seed packs with the gardening skill. The exception to this is the Scarecrow from the Seasons pack where you will have a chance to find all custom harvestables but you'll only get one.

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Core Mod

An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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