Crafting Menus List No Pie

Turns several of the pie menus in game into list menus




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How it Works

This file overrides several crafting menus in the game so that when you choose to craft something it will show a separate list of options versus the options showing up in bubbles. This makes it so that you can actually see your options before you craft them!

The menus I edited are:

  • Campfire

  • Cauldron

  • Coffeemaker

  • Grill

  • Microwave

  • Popcorn Popper

  • Teamaker

  • Woodworking Table

I also changed the interaction name for the microwave to ‘Heat Up’ for now, I may decide I don’t like it and change it back later 


If you have another mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

  • popcornPopper_StartRecipes

  • grill_StartCrafting

  • campfire_StartCrafting

  • teaMaker_StartCrafting_Pot

  • microwave_StartCrafting

  • coffeeMaker_StartCrafting_Pot

  • cauldron_Food_StartCrafting

  • cauldron_Potion_StartCrafting

  • woodworkingTable_StartCrafting_Instrument

  • woodworkingTable_StartCrafting

  • woodworkingTable_StartCrafting_Sculpture

Check It Out!

Technical Info

Required Mods:



Read the info above so you understand what this file does.
Download the most updated version of any Required Mods, if you don't already have them.
Download the file from the link below.
Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.


Download link not working? This item may be undergoing updates. Please check the current status of this item HERE.

Optional Mods:


To all the Patrons who support me!


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