New Ingredients & Tag Edits

Edits the names of some current tags to work as specific ingredient types for my custom recipes
Edits the names of some unused EA tags as new ingredient types for my custom recipe




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How it Works

Ingredient tags allow you to choose from several ingredients in a specific category when cooking/making drinks. I was going through all the new ingredients and ingredient tags that were added to the game with the Cottage Living patch and wanted to tidy them up a bit to use with my recipes. Some of them also didn't make a whole lot of sense or didn't get a whole lot of use so I came up with some alternatives that I think work well both alone and together.

Some of these ingredient tags will effect other recipes in-game but they should still make sense for the most part. Any tags that I re-purposed and are used in other recipes (like the Crawfish ingredient tag) still relate to their original ingredient type but will allow for a wider use in other recipes.

SCCO Users: 

Since the ingredient names are the same as the ones SCCO uses I've added an asterisk after mine so it's clear that they are different. Please note that these ingredient edits were edited to fit with my custom recipes and will not work with other creators' ingredients/recipes unless they've used the same EA tags I've edited below.

Changed Ingredient Names:

Egg ➦ Any Egg*

Any Crawfish ➦ Any Shellfish*

Any Fish ➦ Any Seafood*

Any Flour or Sugar ➦ Any Flour*

Any Meat Substitute ➦ Any Refined Meat Substitute*

Any Mushroom, Aubergine, Soy Bean, or Faux Meat Cubes ➦ Any Meat Alternative*

New Ingredient Types:

Any Leafy Vegetable*

Any Fish*

Any Sweetener*

Any Nuts*


If you have another mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

  • crafting.crafting_ingredients

  • Some ingredient names conflict with SCCO but they should not interfere with the mod itself

Check It Out!

Technical Info

Required Mods:



Read the info above so you understand what this file does.
Download the most updated version of any Required Mods, if you don't already have them.
Download the file from the link below.
Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.


Download link not working? This item may be undergoing updates. Please check the current status of this item HERE.

Optional Mods:


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