Preserving Mod

Crafting Gameplay Mod

This mod will allow your sim to preserve food items at home in different ways! It includes a few necessities, like curing racks and shelving, that will help your sim get set up and ready to preserve. Individual preserving recipes can be found and downloaded from the 'Crafting & Skills' section.




What it Does:
  • Provides the base, and is required, for any preserving recipes.

  • Adds new objects to the game to help facilitate preserving food items.

  • Includes tunings shared between various preserving recipes.

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Conflicting Resources:

If you have any other mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

  • None

Included Materials:

Curing Rack

  • Used as an ingredient in some preserving recipes

  • Can be made on the Woodworking Bench using a separate recipe (see Woodworking)

  • Chance to collect when cleaning off a used Curing Rack

Preserving Shelves

  • Shelving unit that will start the preserving process if item is placed on it

  • Will also keep regular food and ingredients from spoiling as fast

  • Can be found in 'Appliances > Other' or 'Surfaces > Display'

Tea Curing:

Sims can cure and dry Tea Leaves to be used as ingredients in Mill recipes. Individual recipes can be found on Preserving page. 

Preparing to Cure:

Click on the Preserving Shelves or the Brazen Homestead Cookbook to find the new 'Curing & Preserving' menu. From here you can choose which item you want to prep for curing, in this case it's the Tea Curing Rack.

Start Curing:

Tea Curing Racks will not cure on their own and need to be placed in the proper environment for the curing process to start.

  1. Place the Tea Curing Rack on the Preserving Shelves. 

  2. Place the Tea Curing Rack outside in the sun. Remember that rain will spoil the batch!

Cure Times:

When on a curing shelf, teas will cure at the following rates (approximately):

  • 12 hours = White Tea

  • 1 day = Green Tea

  • 4 days = Oolong Tea

  • 8 days = Black Tea

  • 12 days = Spoiled

Other Info: 

  • If placed outside while it's hot, the tea will cure much faster.

  • If placed on a surface in a cellar (underground), the tea will take MUCH longer to spoil.

  • Hovering over a Tea Curing Rack will tell you whether or not it's curing.

  • Tea Curing Racks can still spoil over a period time whether cured or not. If the tea is within a few weeks of spoiling, a countdown timer will show when you hover over it.

Collecting Cured Tea: 

When the tea has reached a specific cure the leaves on the rack will change color. If you're unsure what stage it's at you can hover over it and it will tell you which type of tea you will be able to collect from it. 

Collecting the tea will give you a basket of cured tea leaves which can be used to make tea and tea blends at the mill for drinking. These baskets take very long to spoil, around 32 sim days, and like tea curing racks, will last much longer if stored in the cellar. You will also have a chance to get an empty curing rack back or several pieces of wood if the rack breaks.


Racks that have items on them cannot be stored in an inventory at the moment or they will randomly spoil. If I'm able to find a fix I will update this in the future.

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