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These are the same pillows I made from Cats & Dogs but they sit at couch height instead of bed height. They have a rug footprint but you’ll want to use ‘alt’ to shift them around to exactly where you want them. Half of these objects require another object because they share textures.

• Regular and Long Bolster Pillow
• Regular and Long Lumbar Pillow
• Round Accent Pillow
• Square Accent Button Regular, Medium, & Large Pillow
• Square Accent Regular, Medium, & Large Pillows

cured reblochon.png


Sofa Height Pillow Set


Most objects you'll find on my site are texture-reliant, meaning that they use textures that are already in-game instead of using new textures. This is why you will see that a lot of my objects require the original pack to use.


Textures have a tendency to take up a lot of space so texture-reliant objects mean space for more CC!

Read the info above so you understand what this content does.
Make sure you have the most recent version of any Required Mods installed.


Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.

Do NOT put ts4script files more than one folder deep.


Alternate Download:


Click the button below to download this file from Curseforge.

No login or app installation required.


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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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