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I really hated that I couldn't send my sim out for a fishing trip without coming home with less-than-fresh fish so I created a fishing cooler. This portable cooler allows you to store fish in it so they will keep fresh longer and it comes with some drinks that have a chance to give your sim a boost while they're fishing.

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Gameplay & Object

Fishing Cooler




This object can be found in Outdoor Activities.

Using the Cooler

This cooler is portable so when you're ready to send your sim on a fishing trip you can just drag and drop it into their inventory. The cooler has it's own inventory but it will only hold fish. While you're fishing you can drag and drop fish from your sim's inventory into your cooler and it will stay super fresh! Sims who need a rest can also use it as seat. 

Fishing Drinks

Clicking on the cooler will give you the option to 'Grab a Drink' where you can choose from several drinks to purchase. Each drink has a chance at a buff and some drinks will give you a buff that provides a boost to your sim's fishing skill! Drinks: 

  • Bottled Water

  • Pond Pop - Focus Buff Chance

  • Bass Brew - Focus Buff Chance

  • Catfish Cooler - More Fishing Experience Chance

All drinks will have a chance to give your sim the 'Refreshing Drink' buff. They also keep your sim cool on a hot day and will have a smaller negative effect on the bladder.

If you have a lower fishing skill then reaching into a fishy smelling cooler may give your sim an uncomfortable buff. 

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