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Sims 4 Pack Reference

I use pack codes when naming files so it's clear that it requires a specific pack. These codes are just abbreviations that EA uses to reference which pack an item comes from. They follow the general format:

EP = Expansion Pack

GP = Game Pack

SP = Stuff Pack or Kits

I also use this code in the filters on my site. There are so many packs and codes now that I get confused sometimes so I thought it would nice to have a quick list for here for reference. 

BG - Base Game

EP01 - Get to Work

EP02 - Get Together

EP03 - City Living

EP04 - Cats & Dogs

EP05 - Seasons

EP06 - Get Famous

EP07 - Island Living

EP08 - Discover University

EP09 - Eco Lifestyle

EP10 - Snowy Escape

EP11 - Cottage Living

EP12 - High School Years

GP01 - Outdoor Retreat

GP02 - Spa Day

GP03 - Dine Out

GP04 - Vampires

GP05 - Parenthood

GP06 - Jungle Adventure

GP07 - Strangerville

GP08 - Realm of Magic

GP09 - Star Wars

GP10 - Dream Home Decorator

GP11 - My Wedding Stories

GP12 - Werewolves

SP01 - Luxury Party

SP02 - Perfect Patio

SP03 - Cool Kitchen

SP04 - Spooky

SP05 - Movie Hangout

SP06 - Romantic Garden

SP07 - Kids Room

SP08 - Backyard

SP09 - Vintage Glamour

SP10 - Bowling Night

SP11 - Fitness

SP12 - Toddler

SP13 - Laundry Day

SP14 - My First Pet

SP15 - Moschino

SP16 - Tiny Living

SP17 - Nifty Knitting

SP18 - Paranormal

SP21 - Country Kitchen

SP22 - Bust the Dust

SP23 - Courtyard Oasis

SP24 - Industrial Loft

SP29 - Blooming Rooms

SP31 - Decor to the Max

SP33 - Happy Campers

SP35 - Desert Luxe

SP36 - Pastel Pop

SP37 - Everyday Clutter

Clearing Your Cache

To prevent issues with your game you should be clearing your cache after: 

  • Any game updates

  • Installing new CC

  • Updating any CC


Please follow the instructions below to clear your cache files before you load your game.

If you're using the EA Launcher: 

Open the 'App Recovery' option in the EA Menu

Navigate to the app and follow the instructions to 'Clear Cache'. That's it!

launcher clear cache 1.jpg

If you're using Origin:

Open your Sims 4 > Mods folder and delete:

  • The localthumbscache.package FILE 

  • The avatarcache.package FILE

  • The onlinethumbnailcache FOLDER

  • All FILES inside the cachestr folder

  • Any .cache, .dat, and .jpg FILES inside the cache folder

Update Your Save
for Issues Caused by Recipes

Due to the way that my some of my ingredients and recipes work it can cause issues in certain situations when you remove them from your game or if they are updated in a way that changes some of their resources.


More specifically this can cause an error that will keep you from being able to load your save and/or your lot. If this happens you'll need to follow the instructions below to fix it. 

If your save or lot won't load with my CC...

  1. Remove all of the following files from your Sims 4 > Mods folder: 

    • Crafting Recipes

    • Food & Drink Recipes

  2. Open your game and load the save/lot you're having issues with

  3. Save your game using the Save As option (to keep the original save intact) and exit

  4. Re-install the files that you removed

  5. Clear your Cache

  6. Your game should be working again!

If your game still won't load after following the instructions above then let me know on Discord.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you're having issues in your game with my content then please follow the steps below. After each step be sure to open the game and test to see if completing that step solved the issue, if not move on to the next step. 

BEFORE DOING ANYTHING make sure all the files that you have installed are the most updated and recent versions!

1. If Applicable, Update your Save

If you're having an issue loading a save or a lot then please follow the instructions in the Update Your Save section.

​If you're not having this issue then skip this step and move on to step 2.

2. Clear your Cache

If the issue does not occur then you fixed it, yay!

If the issue occurs then go to step 3.

3. Remove Other Content

  • Remove all content from other creators

  • Clear your Cache ➙ Test

If the issue does not occur​ then there's likely a conflict between creator's mods. You'll need to review your mods to determine which are conflicting and remove one. For my content, any resources that may conflict are listed on the download page in the 'Conflicts' section. 

If the issue occurs then go to step 4.

4. Use the 50/50 Method

​This method will help isolate the content that's causing the issue. My method is a little different from others but it works well for me and keeps me nice and organized :)


To prepare you'll need to create two temporary folders on your desktop and name them 'Needs Test' and 'Test OK'

Method Steps:

1. Divide and Test

  • Move half of the content from your mods folder into Needs Test

  • Clear your cache ➙ Test

If the issue does not occur then go to method step 2.

If the issue occurs then repeat method step 1.

2. Move Content and Test More

  • Move the content in your mods folder to Test OK​

  • Take half the content from Needs Test and move it to your Mods folder

  • Clear your cache ➙ Test

If the issue does not occur repeat method step 2 until you've found the problem file(s).

If the issue occurs and there are more files to test, then repeat method step 1.

If the issue occurs and there are no more files to test, then move on to step 5.

Once you've found the content that's causing the issue please let me know in the Bugs section of Discord. You may remove the content from your game if it's causing serious issues.


Please note that some issues may trigger an LE (lastexception) but are minor and do not require you to remove the content from your game. If you're unsure feel free to post in the Bugs section of Discord for help.

A note that may help you with testing: 

Due to how my different types of content are created some are more likely to experience issues after an update than others. Here is a list of content types in order from the most to least likely to have issues:  

  1. Core Mods​

  2. Mods

  3. Recipes

  4. Harvestables

  5. Objects

5. Test Your Installation

If all else fails then it's likely that something went wrong with the game installation and it's causing the issue. 

  • Move your Mods folder to your desktop

  • Choose the 'Repair' option from the EA Launcher

  • Clear your cache 

  • Put your Mods folder back ➙ Test

If the issue does not occur then you fixed it, yay!

If you're still having the issue at this point it's a glitch with the game that you'll have to wait to fixed in a patch. 

Update Save
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