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These were made for EP01 - Get to Work retail stores. They are retail fridges that you can stock with items and sims will purchase from them autonomously while in your store. They will also keep items, like fish, from spoiling as fast.

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Gameplay & Object

Produce Stand Retail Fridge




You can find these in Retail and Outdoor Activities. They come in my Farmer’s Market Woods palette.

These produce stands function like a retail fridge. You can store anything you want to sell in these and sims will come up to it, browse for a while, then purchase stuff from it. You can open it at any time to see what's in it's inventory.

This comes with different seasonal variations of this stand so you can have a variety of options when putting together your grocer or farmer's market. 

These Stands will also get dirty from shopping Sims interacting with it. I got creative and made a mossy dirt overlay for it since it’s made of wood and primarily for outdoors. Your Sim and their employees will need to get the spray out to clean it every so often or your customers won’t be happy with the smell!

These also have some additional slots so you can decorate it or sell items from them. If you want to decorate it with produce be sure to place it in build mode otherwise it will just go directly into the Produce Stand inventory. Also, be mindful of what you put in those slots because they may block sims from being able to purchase from it.

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