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This mod introduces new crafting options using Grass Fiber ingredients. It adds a new interaction to the Prairie Grass ingredient from the Horse Ranch pack and any of my custom Grass Fiber ingredients. The success of crafting will depend on your Sim's Handiness skill.

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Grass Crafting




You will find a 'Use to Craft...' option on the Prairie Grass EA ingredient and any of my custom Grass Fiber ingredients. When you select it, you will be presented with a list of items that can be crafted. Sims will then sit and start working on the grass stems to try and craft the chosen item.

There is a chance that your Sims will fail to craft the desired item if their Handiness skill is low. If you have the Waste Not Lot trait active, this mod will also create a pile of compost nearby that your Sim can either dispose of or use for something else.

This will not work alone and requires a Handcrafting Recipe to use. See the 'Optional' section below for compatible recipes.

The mod will continue to add more craftable items in the future.

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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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