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This mod adds a new Preserving skill to the game. With this skill, Sims can use drying, aging, and curing techniques to prepare and keep ingredients for future use. As they preserve more items, they will increase this skill and unlock a variety of new recipes. Mastering this skill gives them an opportunity to sell their crafted goods for a profit to the Fresh Farms Co-op!

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Preserving Skill




This skill does not come with recipes, you'll need to download them separately. You can find them recipes by using the search filters on the Crafting page. Here are a few recipes you can download that will get you started:

Dried Oregano | Butter Block | Dried Coffee Beans | Yeast Cultures | Dried Cayenne Peppers | Raw Sugar | Dried Apricots | Fish Jerky | Cured Pepperoni Sausage

The Skill

You can acquire this skill by choosing a recipe from the 'Preserving' menu in the Brazen Homestead Cookbook & Craftbook.

This is a 10-level skill. As your sim levels up this skill, various interactions become available. Social options allow sims to chat about or give tips on Preserving. Additionally, there is a club activity for Preserving, which requires the Get Together pack.

Preserved Goods

Most recipes will yield 8 servings that can be measured from a bulk item, like a grain sheaf or basket of herbs. Some of these ingredients can be eaten once they've been properly preserved. 


Unless you have the 'Simple Living' lot trait active, all ingredients are optional. If you use ingredients it will reduce the cost of the recipe. There is also a 'Bacto Cultures' ingredient included with this that can be collected from spoiled meat ingredients, like wrapped meat, if your sim has level 9 in this skill or is a Botanist.

Skill Max

As your sim levels up, additional recipes will become available based on the custom recipes you have installed. Once your sim reaches the maximum level in this skill, they can sell their bulk preserved goods to the local Food Co-Op at a higher price.

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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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